Metagenomics Workshop - III International Workshop on Environmental Microbiology


The Brazilian Association for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (AB3C) and the Genomics and Computational Biology Group are pleased to invite you to attend the III International Workshop on Environmental Microbiology.

The purpose of the International Workshop on Environmental Microbiology is to discuss the recent advances and future prospects of research on Environmental Microbiology, and to bring together the scientific community for a lively debate on the theme.

The event is currently on its third edition, and the main sub-areas that will be covered this year are as follows:: 

  • Microbial Ecology - includes the study of genomic and metagenomic variation, taxonomic and functional microbial diversity, and adaptation of microorganisms to their environment (aquatic, soil, mangrove, forest, desert, tundra, grasslands, agricultural, animal/plant microenvironments, and others).
  • Microbiomes and Public Health – includes research in human microbiomes, human pathogens in the environment, vector biocontrol and other topics of interest to Public Health.
  • Biocontrol and Biotechnology – includes the development of computer biochips, genetic engineering, ecotoxicology, environmental monitoring, biodegradation, biorremediation, bioleaching, biofuels, and other products of biotechnological relevance.
  • Population Interactions – includes the study of plant-microbe interactions, symbioses, diseases, animal-microbe interactions, probiotics, microbe-microbe interactions and others.
  • Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics - Includes new protocols, tools, and computational pipelines.
  • Exobiology – includes research on processes leading to the origin, evolution and distribution of life on Earth or elsewhere in the universe, as well as ecological research on extreme environments.

Attendees this year will have the opportunity to register to one or to both mini-courses (see available courses), as they will not be held simultaneously.



We will bring an extremely well regarded panel of internationally recognized experts to event.

David Holmes
University Andres Bello - Chile

Francisco Rodríguez-Valera
University Miguel Hernández (UMH) - Spain

Dr. Ramy Aziz
Cairo University - Egypt

Dr. Marcos Rogério Tótola
Federal University of Viçosa - Brazil

Dr. Suzan Pantaroto Vasconcellos
UNIFESP - Brazil

Dr. Bent Petersen
Technical University of Denmark - Denmark

Dr. Rohit Ghai
University Miguel Hernández (UMH) - Spain



The target audience is made of undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers and professors, as well as industry professionals.